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GWL/Power - just few watts of power to give you fully bright light. High quality low power LED lamps and bulbs for homes, businesses and automotive.
LED bulb for automotive. With life-span exceeding 50,000 hours you never need to check and replace car bulbs again. Great benefits for Electric Vehicles to extend the travel distance per single charge.
LED bulbs for homes, offices and industry. The best for ecology conservation due to the power reduction. Ideal for your pocket - to save money on lower payments for electricity.
GWL/Power - the top innovative products with high power battery solutions. High capacity Lithium LiFePO4 cells and packs for industry and mobility: No toxic acids, no evaporation of gases, charge up to 3000 times, great power performance. Super speed charging. No lead-related ecological issues.

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GWL/Solar - our closest star - the Sun - is here with us from ever to ever. Get the power from the Sun at any place of the world.
Solar panels - a variety of Solar panels for powering of industrial applications, telco equipments, off-grid locations and remote areas.
Solar systems - affordable regulators for keeping the system running on backup batteries during night hours.
Complete solar solutions to give you the power to go on.

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GWL/Vehicles - electric vehicles independent on the gas/petrol/oil oligarchy. With Gigawavelink you can have the EV car now.

Do you wish to have an electric vehicle? Clean, silent, ecologic and cheap! Yes, we have EVs and you can have yours too. Get the right model of the Electric Vehicle to fit your needs.
GWL/Scooty - Affordable electric scooter with full road certifications. The best to overcrowded cities and trips to enjoy your time. Drive up to 40 km with 1 + 1 persons. Max. speed: up to 45 km/h for public roads.
GWL/Cabby - Electric Cabriolet (fully Road Approved) . Enjoy your trips with wonderful silence of the electric cabriolet. Drive up to 80 km per charge with 2 persons. Max. speed: up to 60km/h for public roads.
GWL/Elta - Light-weight electric truck. Get up to 60 km per charge with 2 persons + 500 kg goods. Max. speed: 30km/h for neighborhood drives.

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