Gigawavelink Product Sectors


Low power LED lamps and Lithium batteries for homes, businesses and automotive. Just few watts of power to give you fully bright light. High quality low power LED lamps and bulbs for homes, businesses and automotive. The top innovative products with high power battery solutions. High capacity Lithium LiFePO4 cells and packs for industry and mobility.

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Affordable power supplies for any place on the globe. Our closest star - the Sun - is here with us from ever to ever. Get the power from the Sun at any place of the world. Complete solar solutions to give you the power to go on.


Electric vehicles independent on the gas/petrol/oil oligarchy. With Gigawavelink you can have the EV car now. Affordable electric scooters with full road certifications. Electric Cabriolet for 2 persons. Light-weight electric trucks. Drive electric with Gigawavelink.

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High-speed communications without limits at reasonable pricing. Wireless bridges operating in licensed and unlicensed bands. Stay connected and communicate. Go beyond the present limits of telecommunication monopoles. Be free, enjoy the free barrier-less communications.


Affordable power stations for on-grid and off-grid solutions. High-power solutions for energy supplies. Small, mid-size and large solar and wind power plants. Complete solutions and integration of the power systems. Set yourself free for the conglomerates of the energetic lobbies. Become independent, stay ecologic, provide power for yourself, your neighborhoods and the whole globe.


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GWL/Radio GW60-16

Gigawavelink GW60-16 is a point-to-point wireless bridge operating in the 60 GHz license-free band. It is a complete wireless bundle delivering up to 2x 100 Mbps of robust full duplex connectivity up to 800 m. Its small form factor, alignment bracket, and alignment scope make the GW60-16 easy to deploy and install.

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GWL/Solar SunnyBox

SunnyBox is an affordable solar solution for powering of low consumption hardware and devices. With even a small solar panel you can power your equipment using the free energy from the Sun.

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